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Wyoming Principles of Freedom/Conservative Corner Debate on June 13, 2022

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Team Hollingshead turned out HUGE for tonight’s debate despite Don not being able to make the event. Please read the statement from Don below. Also, please note, my answers to the questions are also included in this post as a PDF. The questions are paraphrased as we did not have a written copy of the actual questions and my wife took notes at the debate.

Concerned voters of Laramie County, I had every intention of attending this important debate tonight but my dedication to the community and the amazing staff at the Sheriff’s Office has to be my first priority.

Due to unforeseen staffing shortages within the jail over the last few weeks, I and other members of the command staff have had to work in the housing units to ensure there are enough deputies to safely run the jail. I do not take missing this debate lightly as I have a great deal to say in this campaign. I plan on attending future debates as we have new staff coming off of training in the next week.

I will address each question asked by the moderator during this debate and post my answers on this Facebook page and campaign website following the conclusion of my shift tomorrow morning.

Stay safe and God Bless, Don Hollingshead, Republican candidate for Laramie County Sheriff

Wyoming Principles of Freedom_Conservative Corner Debate
Download PDF • 83KB

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