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Wyoming Alzheimer's Association - Let's End ALZ!

I attended a fundraiser for the Wyoming Alzheimer’s Association on Thursday June 9th. The event was held at Godfather’s Pizza where teams competed in trivia contests to raise money. It was lots of fun and for a very good cause. I believe Alzheimer’s is one of the cruelest diseases on this earth as it slowly steals a person's memories and personality leaving them them unable to recognize those they love. Both my wife and I have had personal experience with family members having Alzheimer's and pray soon they will find a cure.

They also had information on their upcoming September fundraiser “Laramie County Walk to End Alzheimer’s". It will be held on September 24th at Holiday Park. We are thinking about forming a team. Send us a message if you want to join our team.

Kelly Wright, the Alzheimer’s State Development Manager took a moment to snap a selfie with me while I was there. She is an amazing person who truly cares about those suffering from this terrible affection. Please think of donating to this worthy cause.

Alzheimer's Association: Wyoming Chapter

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