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What an Amazing Announcement Party!

February 24, 2022, we officially announced Don's candidacy for Laramie County Sheriff. There were well over 70 attendees including elected officials, business owners, past County Commissioner as well as family and friends! The party was at Cheyenne's Rib and Chop House and what a wonderful place. The food was delicious and we were well taken care of by the servers.

Dallas Tyrrell introduced Don explaining some of Don's background. Don took the floor delivering a powerful campaign speech about what it will mean to Laramie County if he is elected. A few of the points he made were:

  • Don talked about his qualifications the main point is he is doing the job right now. He is currently the Captain of the Detention Center has worked in most of the positions at the Laramie County Sheriff's Department. His knowledge and experience is current and relevant to the position.

  • He discussed the partnerships he has created with CRMC, Volunteers of America, as well as the courts and other volunteer organizations to give a hand up to those with mental illness and help them be productive members of the community so they are less apt to find themselves back in jail.

  • He explained how his solutions to the current issues are based on shared information and mutual respect with involved partners, where other candidates have indicated that they intend to use threats and public pressure to solve important issues like the wage disparity the Sheriff's Office is experiencing with other area agencies.

  • The current pay of our deputies is $22.50 per hour. With the Cheyenne Police Department paying $26.26 per hour and the Albany County Sheriff's Office paying $26.04 per hour, the Laramie County Sheriff's Office finds itself unable to compete for the few applicants willing to wear a badge. Don has been working closely with the commissioners and supplying them with the information they will need to correct the issue. No threats or pressure needed.

  • He also went over his platform and you can find that information here.

  • Family and values

  • Better Wages/Increase Staffing to Protect and Serve

  • Better Solutions for the Impact of Mental Health on the County

  • Leading by Example

  • Representing All Citizens of the County

He ended with "We are living in some very challenging times and I have the knowledge and experience to meet these challenges and to hit the ground running on day one!. I am asking for your vote and support in this very important Sheriff's race".

Thank you everyone for honoring us with your presence! We know everyone has busy lives and you took time out of yours to bless us.

To hear the audio from the campaign speech, click below. Sorry for the quality.

Don and our wonderful granddaughter Haley

Our big wonderful family. We love you all!

Dallas Tyrrell introducing Don

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