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Welcome to 2022! Let's Talk About My Game Plan

With the start of 2022, the count down to the primary and general elections are now underway. I am excited about the next few months and would like to take a moment and give everyone a run down on some of the events and other activities to expect between now and the August 16th primary and November 8th general elections.

We will be spending the next several months working on campaign fundraising events as well as meeting with county residents at “Conversations with Don” events to spread the word and give the public opportunities to ask questions about my campaign and what they can expect from me as their sheriff.

Toward the end of April, we start getting out in the community by knocking on doors and handing out campaign flyers. Starting late April or early May, we will be delivering signs around the county to people that have asked for them. I hope to be able to talk to each and everyone in the county that would like to have the opportunity to find out why I am the best candidate for Laramie County Sheriff. We are also going to have an announcement party after I sign on the line to officially commit to running for this position.

In June, you can visit with me at Cheyenne Super Day, and during Frontier Days I plan on working the annual Kiwanis Pancake breakfast with the rest of my Kiwanian brothers and sisters, as well as participating in the parades and other events. I have been a Kiwanian for over 7 years and enjoy volunteering for the community events Kiwanis supports throughout the year. With your help we will win the primary in August, then it will be full speed ahead to the general in November.

There is a lot at stake in this election so I ask that you research each candidate thoroughly so you can make an informed decision based on facts and not misinformation or unrealistic and unattainable campaign promises made by other candidates.

Watch our campaign Facebook page and website for announcements of these events and follow up articles. We will also include them in our monthly newsletter.

How can you help? Talk to your friends and neighbors and tell them about me. Invite your Laramie County family, friends and neighbors to follow my campaign Facebook page or sign up for the monthly newsletter. Attend our campaign events and show your support. Word of mouth is still a very important way to spread the news. You can even forward our newsletter to others. We can also use donations to help fund the campaign. Our next big purchase will be the yard signs. I can't do this without you.

A vote for Don Hollingshead is a vote for positive changes based on experience and knowledge gleaned from my 27 years with the Sheriff's Office. I know what works and what is in need of improvement.

The time is now to rally our supporters. We can't do it without you. We hope you join me and my campaign and help spread the word.

I am committed to making the Sheriff's department an outstanding place to work and want to empower the deputies to make our communities safe and the residents of our county feel secure. I will have an open-door policy so all staff and county residents can visit with me and discuss what is going on in our communities. I have the knowledge, experience, passion and perseverance to be the best Sheriff Laramie County has seen in many many years. All I ask is that you trust me and vote for me during the primary election. Let me prove to you that your vote was for the right person.

I look forward to this time of my campaign where I can meet with you. Where we can work together. Look for more information in the coming months. In the meantime, reach out if you have a question or comment.

I invite you to join me and help spread the word. Vote for Don as your next Laramie County Sheriff!

Contact information:


phone: 307-222-9143

Facebook messenger: (click on the "message" button at the top of the page)


Newsletter: up in the little box below my picture)

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