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Tuesday's Topic - Challenges Facing Laramie County and the Sheriff's Office

Hello Laramie County and welcome to another edition of Tuesday’s Topics. The next couple of weeks I will discuss what I see as some of the challenges facing Laramie County and the Sheriff’s Office and my plans for addressing them.

Staff compensation- Although I was able to work with the commissioners and other county agencies to increase the starting pay substantially, the senior staff did not see the adjustments I was hoping for. This next budget year I will work with the commissioners and other county agencies to increase longevity pay to ensure that we are able to retain our seasoned and highly trained staff.

Mental Health- With the increasing number of people in our community with addiction or mental health concerns, it is incumbent upon the Sheriff’s Office to play a leading role in addressing these issues. Under my leadership, the Sheriff’s Office will continue to work with the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Program (LEAD) as well as ensure both Patrol and Detention staff are trained to interact with these at-risk groups so the best possible outcomes are achieved.

Drug Prevention- As Laramie County is at the crossroads of two major interstates it is no surprise that drug issues are prevalent within our community. This is not an issue that can be addressed by any single agency, and we must work shoulder-to-shoulder with our law enforcement partners in the region to remove these poisons from our streets. As Sheriff I will not only continue working with the various local and federal partners, but I also plan on setting up a drug enforcement unit within our Detective Division as our staffing numbers increase.

Streamline Agency- I plan on working with sworn and civilian staff in the Detention and Patrol divisions to find ways to streamline the Sheriff’s Office operations. The staff of this agency are highly trained and knowledgeable, and I will be seeking their input on ways to improve the day-to-day functions to better serve the citizens of Laramie County.

Staff Morale and Accessibility- As the only candidate in the Sheriff Office’s modern history to have worked both as a line deputy and as a member of the administrative staff in both Detention and Patrol divisions I have very broad knowledge of the organization. As Sheriff I will use this knowledge to ensure the staff never forgets how vital they are to this community and this agency. I will strive not only to be accessible to the staff of this agency but to the community as well, and ensure that as time allows, I will be out in the communities in Laramie County and spend time out on the streets and in the Detention Division. My goal is to ensure the staff and community understand how important they are to me and that I value their ideas and suggestions to make Laramie County a great place to live and raise a family.

Until next time, stay safe and God bless.

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