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Survey Actually Says… (June's Newsletter)

In this month's newsletter article, I will comment on the survey done by the County HR Department back in January. I will be the first to admit the results did not paint the jail in a very good light. The major issues at the time centered around the extreme manning shortage and pay; due to the disparity between the Sheriff's office and other area agencies, in some cases the equating to more than four dollars an hour difference, deputies were leaving for better pay and few new applicants applied for jail positions. COVID was also and still is an issue affecting manning; even though the county was seeing decreased numbers, every time the jail has a new case, we have to reopen our quarantine unit to house the individual/individuals to keep the virus from spreading to the entire jail population. This causes more staff to be called in on overtime to work the quarantine unit. Throughout COVID we followed both CDC and County Health Dept. guidelines which in the opinion of the County Health Director may have saved lives. She felt so strongly about her viewpoint that she wrote about it in a letter to the editor in the Tribune Eagle Newspaper several months back.

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2022 June
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