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Superday was a Success!

What a truly amazing day we had at Super Day! We talked to so many very engaged people who not only showed their support, they had great questions. One of the things that resonated the most with the people we spoke to was the strides the jail has made with mental health issues under my leadership. It is truly heartwarming to know that such a large number of people feel the same as I do; that some of the greatest challenges we face in Laramie County is our growing mental health and addiction issues.

We had the whole gang working the booth. It was so busy it took all of us! There were times when there were five of us (Don, Sue, Jenna, Haley and Ella) each talking to a separate group. Adam and Braydon were busy stocking the campaign table.

As Sheriff I vow to tackle the tough issues facing Laramie County and help make it an even better community to live and raise a family. Only 50 days until the Primary and we are forging ahead. Thank you Laramie County for your trust and support.

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