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So What's Up With Kozak?

This is a post from an anonymous blog site. The question is posted exactly as it was posted on that personal site.

Question: This came in today- not sure if it was meant to be a question, but posting anyways. Have a Happy Easter! So what’s up with Kozak? He supposedly supports ending military and law enforcement by giving away firearms in a bar? Seriously? How insensitive! Meanwhile two other candidates actually showed up to support the Grief Support group dodgeball tournament. Shows either one of them would work better with people actually suffering a loss than someone who gives away guns to get votes. Seriously people, actions matter

(Rant continues, but it’s my page and I think this person made their point. Oh and I know I posted this on Easter, but we have many deputies faithfully running the jail and working the streets, today, so there’s that)

Don's Answer: I won’t comment on Kozak’s campaign and how he decides to raise funds, but in regards to the Grief Support Dodgeball Tournament, I attended the event and supported it through the purchase of tournament merchandise and supporting the vendors who were present, as well as spending time at the Sheriff’s Office Victims Assistance booth with other staff members from the department. I did not wear any campaign paraphernalia as I did not feel that doing so would have been appropriate.

Of all the candidates who are running in this extremely important race, I’m the only one who has been “personally” involved in helping improve the lives of the citizens of this community by partnering with mental health agencies, victims’ assistance agencies, as well as numerous other community nonprofits. I have been a lifelong supporter of and volunteer for these organizations my entire career. I’m not just doing this as part of my campaign, this is who I am. Do your research, and you will find that none of the other candidates can make this statement.

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