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Response to Kozak's "Criminal Sanctuary" Comment

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Doug Randall from KGAB wrote a nice article about Don's response to Kozak's criminal sanctuary remark he recently made.

"Due to the continued high numbers of COVID cases in Laramie County, we had an obligation to continue following the guidance of the CDC and County health officials. If we were to go against this guidance, we would be exhibiting deliberate indifference to the safety of the inmates in the jail that are in our care which would put the county into a position of extreme liability should one of the inmates come down with COVID and succumb to the virus.

By following the guidelines as we have, even if we have an inmate die from the virus we can show that we did everything within our ability to ensure the welfare of the inmates in the jail and it would be less likely for a lawsuit to be successful. As the Jail Administrator, it is my obligation to balance public safety, with the safety of the inmates as well as the staff in the jail... we have been reviewing our policies throughout the pandemic and have modified them when appropriate. Last June when COVID seemed to be dying down, we consulted with the county health department and started opening things back up a bit and allowed more inmates into the jail.

But when we were hit with the DELTA variant, we had to lock it back down again and had county health come in and help us review our procedures to ensure we were not missing anything." Read More: Hollingshead Responds To Kozak ''Criminal Sanctuary" Comments |

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