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A County Sheriff is a unique position in that he or she is not only the chief law enforcement officer of the county they serve, but their legal jurisdiction and authority spans the entire county to include all the local municipalities within it. With Laramie County spanning over 2600 square miles, this is a tall order. More than any other candidate running for Laramie County Sheriff, I have years of experience covering and protecting this vast expanse of our community.

As a patrol deputy, I spent more than a decade patrolling the streets and roads within the headquarters division, which encompasses the outer lying county areas of Cheyenne, before being promoted to the position of rural area Sergeant taking over supervision of all deputies assigned to the outlying rural areas of Laramie County. I was a working Sergeant taking calls shoulder-to-shoulder with the deputies under my supervision. From my years in this position, I learned firsthand what it takes to meet the needs of the citizens within rural Laramie County, and as sheriff, I will ensure that those needs are met.

The residents of Albin, Burns, Carpenter, Hillsdale and all areas in between deserve and will get a working sheriff, when I am elected, who will be attentive to their concerns and will have the knowledge and background to achieve positive solutions for them. My goal is to visit and make myself available to rural area residents on a monthly basis or more often if circumstances dictate.

It is no secret that rural Laramie County has experienced major growth in the last several years and is forecasted to continue in this direction for the foreseeable future. To meet this growth head on, we will need to, as an agency, work towards shifting our focus out into the more rural areas while still maintaining a balance for the coverage needs of the headquarters division.

As the budget season approaches, the Sheriff’s Department is working in tandem with the Commissioners to address not only staffing but compensation of current employees to ensure adequate personnel levels and retention of current staff.

My pledge to the citizens of all Laramie County is to serve each one of you no matter where you live in the county. This is not a new pledge, but one that I have maintained throughout my 27-year career with this agency. My focus is not solely on law enforcement alone, but it is and has always been the community as a whole through my lifelong volunteerism with the various nonprofit entities in Laramie County who work diligently to improve the quality of life enjoyed by its citizens.

Remember, a vote for me is a vote for experience, leadership and integrity. You will see a change in the Sheriff’s Department if I am your next Laramie County Sheriff. I plan to continue being involved with the communities of Laramie County, be available to the community members and lead the Sheriff’s Department forward with the necessary and needed changes.

Click here read about all of my platform statements.

Thanks for your continued support and positive comments, I can’t do this without you.

Don Hollingshead For Sheriff

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