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Pine Bluffs Community Master Plan Meeting and Resident's Questions about Jail Policies and Crime

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

If I’m elected Laramie County Sheriff, I feel it is very important to continue learning about all of the communities within the county. I attended the Pine Bluffs Community Master Plan meeting last night and learned about the 10 and 20-year plan for advancement in infrastructure and services the community of Pine Bluffs would like to see in their town. Along with the infrastructure and services that were discussed, attendees had the opportunity to give their suggestions regarding amenities to include the creation of a Greenway, skating rink, zip line park, and other ideas envisioned to make Pine Bluff's more of a destination location.

After the meeting I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to several community members about the current law enforcement needs and what needs they see for future law enforcement particularly from the Sheriff’s Department.

Several also asked questions about the crime in Laramie County and the jail policies for keeping inmates in the detention center for their sentence. This community has been misguided by another candidate in these two areas.

The first question was about high crime in Laramie County. He indicated he wasn’t aware of increased crime in the county. I’m providing a link to the crime statistics report that I collaborated with many other agencies to put together. Follow the link to see the information on Laramie County crime statistics. Crime Statistics Article

The second question I was asked is why the jail would release criminals so they could possibly reoffend. I explained what the process was if someone was arrested and how and when they would be released. When a arrest is made and the individual is booked into the jail, prior to being released, they have to appear before the courts for a judge to review the charges and make determinations on sentencing.

The jail does not have the authority to release arrestees without first going before the courts. This question came up because one of the other candidates had informed some of the Pine Bluffs residents that no matter which agency arrested the individual, the jail would release them and they were free to reoffend.

As you can see, there is misinformation out there. Please follow my campaign Facebook page and webpage, to get the facts. I encourage you to do your own research and, as always, feel free to message me on Facebook or call me to discuss any questions or comments you may have about our county. Please keep in mind that I can only discuss my campaign during my off-hours.

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Town of Pine Bluffs

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