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Opinion: Private Law Enforcement/Counter Terrorism/Private Security School in Laramie County?

This is another question from the anonymous blog site. This site allows people to ask questions of the candidates without posting their name. I've copied the question exactly a posted.


To all candidates,

What would be your opinion if there was a private law enforcement/ counter terrorism/ private security school was to be put in Laramie County that also had a private security company? The law enforcement portion of the school would include a P.O.S.T. certification with some sort of college course of criminal justice/ psychology attached to it, while also having advanced training courses in different facets for local and federal LE. The counter terrorism portion qualify prior law enforcement, Veterans, and certain security professionals to do contract security overseas and for special stateside contracts. A major point of the school would be so that people that get denied from MEPS for whatever petty health issue can still have an alternative to serve their Country, while also being a source of Veterans to have a career after retirement and also for people going into LE or security an opportunity to be able to market themselves better in their careers. The school would also be able to have specialized training for military units.

Apart of this school would be a private security company that would be for hire in the surrounding area. Cheyenne specifically is in dire need of an actual security company, between the fast rising crime rates and overworked LEOs, it only makes sense for the PSC portion of this school be implemented. If there was an actual PSC in Laramie County, LE can focus more on where the needs of LE is needed and then a PSC can provide coverage for private entities. Cheyenne Frontier Days would also be a place where the PSC would be very beneficial to help with the situation that has been going on there. If the PSC supplied 90% of the security needs for CFDs while working a joint command with CPD would greatly benefit CFD, CPDs coverage of the entire city during that time would be better met, and it would help the City’s finances.

The PSC through the school would be very well trained and armed security, not the unskilled “t-shirt security guard” that is vastly used around the area. The staff would consist of people going through the school, area LEOs looking for part time work, and people doing this as a full time job. By using a high number of staff from the PSC for CFDs will allow CPD officers not have to work overtime if they don't want to and they can spend that time with family. I myself am wanting to make Wyoming a model state regarding LE, I want to do what I can to help agencies and officers whether it be resources, tools, better pay, fully staffed, happier personal lives. Implementing this PCS into CFDs isn’t to take away pay from officers, but it is helping fill a void where CPD can focus on things going on outside of CFDs so they are not spread thin. CPD wouldn't have the need for more overtime so those officers that are not having to work overtime can either work for the PCS if they want or they can just be off and have that home time. LE is a hard job with a family and anything to help with that, I will sure try.

Another option regarding the security issue at CFDs is to hand security from CPD to LCSO and do what Meade County, South Dakota does during the Sturgis Bike Rally and deputize LEOs from around the Country that voluntarily sign up to provide security.

Don's Answer

I do not wish to diminish any local entrepreneur’s creation of a robust private security school, which may be able to effectively train those interested in a career in the private security field or other non-law enforcement areas as outlined in the original question. I believe this idea would run into conflict with the Peace Officers Standards and Training Director (P.O.S.T) to give it a stamp of approval for certification as it may be considered in direct competition with the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy (W.L.E.A) in Douglas. The W.L.E.A currently affords the only P.O.S.T certified curriculum for peace officers in the state.

Depending on the level of instruction, at a school of this nature, it may give those wishing to enter into the law enforcement profession a leg up to those in the general public who have had no training. My gut tells me that anyone attending the school would still have to attend the W.L.E.A. in Douglas to earn their Detention or Peace Officer certifications though.

As far as how this idea would impact the CPD’s security coverage for Cheyenne Frontier Days (CFD), you would have to ask CPD Chief Francisco for his input. However, in the conversations that I have had with him regarding CFD coverage he indicated that his background in handling the security for the Kansas City Chiefs football team home games was like having a CFD event every time the Chiefs were in town. Even in his first year of handling CFD security he did not believe that it was as critical of an issue as had previously been expressed by his predecessor. They worked through it just fine.

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