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Oh What a Great Evening!! Fantastic Fundraiser Spearheaded By Joe Sara

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

What an amazing night, our fundraiser on June 21st was a huge success. We not only had a very large crowd of active supporters, but we had quite a few people who had not made up their mind yet and wanted to hear what I had to say, before the end of the evening they had indicated to me that they will be casting their vote for Don Hollingshead for Laramie County Sheriff. Also in attendance were numerous elected officials to include the Sheriff and his wife, one of the County Commissioners and his wife, the County Treasurer, and her husband as well as a former County Commissioner. The highlight of the evening’s entertainment besides my short karaoke performance was the live auction, auctioneer Rosie was very entertaining as she whooped up the crowd who bid generously for the unique items on display.

I would like to personally thank my wife, Sue, and the rest of my family, Peaches Tyrrell, Joe Sara, Dallas Tyrrell, and all of the other volunteers who made this night the success that it was. You have no idea how truly blessed I feel to have you all in my life and supporting my run for Sheriff. 54 days and counting until the primary! Remember to vote August 16th.

Trudy and Mark Eisele

Joe Sara Ranch

Joe Sara

Talking to a group of supporters

We met wonderful people

Bryan and Doris Scheel

Danny Glick and Don

Why a vote for Don is a vote for Laramie County

Listening to Don

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