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How do you plan to fix the rapport with other agencies if elected as sheriff?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

How do you plan to fix the rapport with other agencies if elected as sheriff? There are some major issues with departments not working well together.

Agency interoperability is a must in this day and age of tight budgets and strain on already stretched resources and staffing. I have spent my entire career fostering connections with not only other law enforcement agencies, but every agency, person or resource I come in contact with. This includes connections I have made in my personal life with community organizations as well. Each one of these connections gives me more resources to draw from when confronting issues. I have worked with and fostered professional relationships over the years with staff from various local and regional law enforcement agencies to include Captain Buseck with the Cheyenne Police Department and Lt. Romig with the Highway Patrol as well as over 100 classmates that I regularly consult with from my FBI National Academy. Being a graduate from the FBI National Academy gives me the ability to network with agency leaders from across the country. The challenges we face here in Laramie County are not unique and are faced by all law enforcement agencies. I have reached out to the new Police Chief Mark Francisco and have been discussing how our departments can better work together to solve problems both agencies face. The new Chief is a very knowledgeable yet humble person, and we communicate regularly. I only see this relationship growing over the years to come. With the advent of Covid, I have worked very closely with Kathy Emmons, Director of the County Health Director, to develop procedures to maintain the safety of the jail staff and inmates. I have known and worked closely with Emergency Management Director, Jeanine West, County Coroner Becki Reid, well as the County Attorney, Mark Voss, and all of the County Commissioners. These are not new connections I plan to make as Sheriff, they are relationships that I have already spent years fostering and growing to benefit the citizens of Laramie County. I also consider many of these people my friends which brings with it a vested interest in mutual success for our agencies.

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