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Drug Interdiction and Two Major Intersecting Interstates

This question is from a personal blog. (I've posted question exactly as it was posted on the personal page)

Question: What does each candidate feel about highway interdictions given we have two major interstates that traverse our county?

Don's Answer: Drug interdiction efforts is something the Sheriff’s office has always been heavily involved in over the years, and will continue to participate in under my administration should I be elected Sheriff. We maintain a very highly trained and effective canine program and work with the Wyoming Highway Patrol to supply them with these resources when they make stops on the interstates, as well as conducting our own interdiction stops. However, drug interdiction is not the only major issue associated with the two major interstates which pass through our county.

Human trafficking over the years has become a major issue and tragedy affecting the lives of people of all ages and all walks of life especially women and children. I recently attended a human trafficking symposium which indicated that Laramie County, due to the proximity of these major arteries and the amount of people attending Cheyenne Frontier Days each year, is ranked high in incidents of human trafficking moving through the area. Over the years we have participated in joint task force operations with the FBI to combat instances of human trafficking and rescuing these individuals from the circumstances they’ve found themselves in. Our victim services division then works with state and federal agencies to give these victims the resources necessary to take back control of their lives. This ranges from supporting them through the court process as their captors are brought to justice as well as supplying them with emotional, financial, and mental health support through available resources coordinated through the Sheriff’s Department Victim's Services Office.

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