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Citizen's Question about Don's Thoughts on the Decrease in Crime During the First Half of 2022

A citizen asked Don for his thoughts on the decrease in crime during the first half of 2022 according to the Cheyenne Police Department Facebook article. (I've copied the Facebook post below) They also shared their stats on their website.

I believe that during Covid people from all walks of life were hit with circumstances that were completely beyond their ability to cope with. When the majority of outreach and social services were shuttered and many people were out of work due to business closures, people who were normally prone to making bad choices made even more and those pushed to the breaking point due to financial struggles brought on by the pandemic turned to theft to put food on the table. It also had a huge effect on those with mental illness driving them deeper into depression. This led to an uptick in certain crime categories. Now that life has mostly returned to normal, I believe we are seeing a bit of a reset. Will this last? Only time will tell.

CPD Facebook Post August 3, 2022 Decrease in Crime

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