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Capitol ceremony to recognize anniversary of 9/11 attacks

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

A Day of Reflection

This morning I attended the 20th anniversary ceremony of 9/11 at the Wyoming State Capitol along with several others from the Laramie County Sheriff's Department and other law enforcement agencies and first responders as well as citizens of Laramie county.

It was a somber event as we paid tribute to those who lost their lives that terrible morning and all those who lost their lives since protecting this great nation from those who would harm us.

Anyone old enough to remember the events of that today can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing when the planes slammed into the Twin Towers and the rest of the events that morning that shook our country to its very core and changed our lives forever.

As horrific as this tragedy was, in its aftermath, I witnessed something inspiring and powerful; we came together as one nation and were a living representation of our Pledge of Allegiance. “One Nation under God, indivisible”. We set aside all our petty differences and pulled together as a nation.

No matter our individual views, backgrounds or beliefs, we focused with one voice and one determined will as Americans.

As I reflect on the 20 years since the events of that day, I am a bit saddened and wonder with mist in my eyes how we as a country have strayed so far from the unity we had at that time to the division our great nation is experiencing today.

I have faith that we will eventually see the light and the voices who threaten to divide us will be drowned out by those of us who continue to believe that together we are stronger. Until then, I just know that I am blessed to live in this great state and this great county where we still hold true to the principles that founded this nation.

May God bless and keep you.

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