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Article in Wyoming Tribune Eagle Paper on August 12, 2022

When I saw the front page of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle this morning I was shocked to see my responses to the questions they asked were not included with the rest of the candidates. I posted them below for everyone to see.

Why are you running for office? I am running for Sheriff because I love this agency and the citizens of Laramie County and believe this community needs a leader with the experience and knowledge of not only this agency but how the county operates. With the many challenges facing Laramie County, the Sheriff's Department needs tested leader; a leader who knows how to overcome adversity as in the case of the global pandemic and how it affected the jail, as well as a leader who has the empathy and skill to find ways to better assist our communities growing mental health and addiction issues.

Why do you believe you are the best Republican candidate? I have spent the past 10 years working toward the goal of becoming Laramie County Sheriff, attending the three-month long FBI National Academy in Quantico Virginia as well as the Homeland Security Executive Leadership Academy to hone skills necessary to lead this agency. As the only candidate in the modern history of the Laramie County Sheriff’s office who has worked in both line deputy and executive leadership positions in both the patrol and detentions divisions in my 27-year career with this agency, I have a unique understanding of all aspects of the agency and what is needed to lead it effectively. I am also the only candidate who has a working knowledge of the Sheriff’s Department budget and understands the intricacies of how county government operates. I also have a long-standing positive working relationship with the County Commissioners based on mutual trust and respect. Lastly, I am an involved member of the Laramie County Republican Party and am also on the primary ballot to represent Precinct 4-06.

What are your top three priorities if you were elected?

1. This past budget year I helped secure higher starting wages for entry-level deputy positions which has allowed the Sheriff’s Office to be more competitive in attracting high quality applicants. My next staff compensation goal is to work on securing wage increases for the senior deputies to ensure we retain the highly trained and experienced staff who have dedicated their lives to this profession.

2. Recruiting and retaining staff to better serve the citizens of Laramie County. This will include rebuilding the rural Deputy division and realigning patrol areas to ensure we keep up with the ever-growing number of county subdivisions. In any organization there are opportunities for growth and positive change. Should I be blessed by the voters of Laramie County and be elected Sheriff; I pledge to visit with each and every staff member in the agency and find out what their thoughts are for the direction of this office. We have such an amazing group of people, both civilian and sworn who have given of themselves in their individual capacities and as a team to better the lives of the citizens of this great County. I want to find out from each of them how I can improve their work and home life balance. It is my goal to create an environment where staff members come to see this organization as an extension of their family and pass on their knowledge to those just entering the profession.

3. Drug addiction and mental health, both of which are on the rise and go hand-in-hand as the vast majority of people with mental illness utilize drugs to help cope with their condition. By tackling the mental health and drug addiction issues head on, crime rates will be positively affected as well.

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