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"All or Nothing" or "All In" Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne Back-A-Kid Breakfast

The campaign posts are usually written by Don but today this one is by his wife, Sue. On May 10, 2022, Don and I attended the Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne Back-A-Kid Breakfast held at Little America. Don and I were honored to be there among a full room of people. The CEO, Justin Pendleton, spoke about the club and you could tell by the tears in his eyes and the passionate speech he gave that he truly believed in what they were doing. One thing that stuck with me was how we shouldn’t label children as “a bad kid”. Kids act out usually because of their circumstances not because they want to be “bad”. Tommy Velencia the Wyoming Youth of the Year, also spoke and used sign language as he spoke. This young man is going places.

The keynote speaker was Gian Paul Gonzalez. Gian is a 9th grade teacher and an inspirational speaker who is recognized for inspiring the New York Giants to win the Super Bowl with the phrase “All In”. He took a failing New Your Giants team from a losing record to going to and winning the Super Bowl.“All In”, means 100% not 90%. What will give you the extra push to give 100%?

As we were listing to Gian, it dawned on me this is what Don does. I have given him a bad time all the years we’ve known each other because he does everything with the attitude of all or nothing. If he cleans the house, he cleans it top to bottom, shelves to baseboards. If he does a wood working project, it is all the way. It is a work of art.

A few years ago, he was asked to move from the patrol side to the detention side of the Sheriff’s department. From day 1 working at the Detention Center, he worked his hardest to streamline and update the department. He is an “All or Nothing” person, he is “All In”. This includes running for the Laramie County Sheriff position. He is “All In”. If he is elected Sheriff, you will get an “All In” Sheriff. His heart just doesn’t allow it to be any other way.

Boys & Girls Club Cheyenne

Gian Paul Gonzalez

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