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Danny Glick, Laramie County Sheriff

July 19, 2022

"Don is uniquely qualified to be your next Sheriff."

"He’s the only person in modern history that has worked the “line level” and Administration in both detention and patrol."

Hi, I’m Danny Glick, Laramie County Sheriff. As you may or may not know, I’m retiring.

As I’ve run into people since making that decision, I’ve been asked two questions, a lot. The first is, “what are you going to do after your retire”... the second is “who do we vote for as Sheriff in the upcoming election?”

To me both questions are easily answered. #1 when I retire, I’ve got 26 years of “honey-do’s to make up for. #2 Don Hollingshead is my choice for the next Sheriff.

Don is uniquely qualified to be your next Sheriff. He is currently working in law enforcement and his entire 27 year career has been with the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office. He’s the only person in modern history that has worked the “line level” and Administration in both detention and patrol. It is no secret that the Sheriff’s Office is short staffed, especially in the detention side right now. Don has put on a uniform and working shifts to help fill in where needed. This is the type of dedication needed from your next Sheriff.

I’d like you to consider the following statement from an unknown author when making your decision for the next Sheriff. “When you are reduced to tearing others down to build yourself up, it is a direct indicator of something lacking and void within you. In the effort to unmask others you actually unveil who you really are or aren’t.” Prophetic isn’t it!!

So I’m asking you to join me in sharing one of your greatest gifts, your vote for Don Hollingshead as your next Laramie County Sheriff.

Harlan R. Ribnik, MD
Lt. Colonel, Civil Air Patrol

August 17, 2021

"He has worked tirelessly to promote cooperation among the various departments which have authority for our County."

I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Don Hollingshead for many years.  After much discussion with him, I am pleased to endorse Don’s candidacy for Sheriff of Laramie County.  He is a Law Enforcement Officer of wide experience who has served our County for many years.  Don has worked in almost every job in the Sheriff’s Department from street patrol to Detention to supervision of every aspect of the Department and he has served honorably.


We have enjoyed discussions of his Department’s techniques of managing those who operate at the edge of and beyond the pale of the Law.  During his tenure with the Sheriff’s Office he has never had to draw his weapon in anger in the heat of battle.  His calm demeanor and reasoned approach has disarmed more conflicts and prevented injuries to alleged law-breakers, citizens in the breach, and to his fellow Officers alike.  There have even been times when he has appeared in Court on behalf of a person whom he arrested in order to see they got a fair shake.


His value to the County goes well beyond that of a guy who can write a ticket or arrest a suspect.  He has worked tirelessly to promote cooperation among the various departments which have authority for our County.  He well understands the value of such inter-agency cooperation to promote a healthy working environment and to conserve resources.


Our discussions of Leadership reveal a man who has the wisdom and presence to practice Servant Leadership, promoting the good deeds and ideals of those with whom he works.  Don’s approach to sharing credit where it’s due is a positive influence to the members of the Department.  It’s a model we can all hope to emulate in our own professions.


We have discussed the nature of Search and Rescue for which the Sheriff’s Department has responsibility in the County.  We’re beginning discussions to allow the Civil Air Patrol to add aviation assets and other people educated and trained in Incident Management to work with the Sheriff’s Department to improve their service to the County as well.


I am enthusiastic about Don’s candidacy for this very important job.  I know of none more capable and I hope others will contribute and support his candidacy and vote for him in the coming election.

Mark Voss, Laramie County Attorney

August 20, 2021

"I can say for a fact that Don Hollingshead has the skill set, and operational knowledge as well as historical knowledge in regard to this community, that is required to take on this significant and important task."

I would like to provide my endorsement and strong support for Don Hollingshead as the Laramie County Sheriff.  I'm not making this endorsement in my capacity as the Laramie County Attorney, or on behalf of of Laramie County.  This is my personal opinion based on many years of interaction with Don.  I have had the pleasure of working with Don for almost two decades.   He has been a patrol officer, and in supervisory positions in the operations department, up to and including the lieutenant in charge of operations.  In addition, he has now been the Captain of detention for some time.

He has literally done and seen everything, and been involved in every aspect of the operations of the Sheriff’s Department.


I have worked with law enforcement in one capacity or another for my entire 30 year career.  An officer that has both the experience and "street skills" required for the job, and the administrative abilities and personnel management skills required to be a sheriff, is quite unusual.  Don is that guy. 

I believe that the public often misunderstands the level of complexity associated with the operation of a law enforcement agency.  It is essentially a corporation that faces risks and exposures and complexities that no private entity ever experiences.  For example, very few private entities operate a jail and are required to send their employees into life-threatening situations to protect the public.  And, is must operate effectively 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  While protecting the public and running a jail, the Sheriff must ‘keep the lights on,’ advocate for the budget to accomplish the mission in a political environment and address all the myriad issues in any substantial operation, from custodial to record keeping to personnel to HVAC maintenance.  The Sheriff must understand and manage all of this; from the critical to the mundane. Capt. Hollingshead has shown, consistently, over many years, that he can do this job. He has the skills, and importantly the experience required. 

 A Sheriff requires the administrative skills of the CEO while running what is effectively a para-military operation.  He must deal with the complicated and unseen matters any business requires.  Among these are, creation and advocacy for a budget, contracting, physical plant issues and human resources.  In addition, the ‘law enforcement side’ has an equally large universe of issues specific to it, including exposure to liability, training requirements, insurance matters, certifications and live up to the reality that the Department is the government department with the most citizen contact and visibility. 

I can say for a fact that Don Hollingshead has the skill set, and operational knowledge as well as historical knowledge in regard to this community, that is required to take on this significant and important task.  I know this because I have watched him do it in multiple capacities.  I've seen him face issues from the extremely complex and life-threatening all the way to the most mundane.  He handles them with great skill.  Importantly, by observation I know he is a good leader.  His relationship with the personnel department, both civilian and law enforcement is conducted rationally, positively and effectively.  Plus, he’s just a good man, honest, kind and always willing to help anyone. 

I am literally unaware of anyone else in the community more qualified for this position than Don Hollingshead and I base this on my 25 years working with the criminal justice system in Laramie County.

Coleen King

October 2, 2021

"I want a man of integrity and honesty running the sheriff’s office."

The following is strictly my personal opinion…

I’m not much for political comments, but I must say the Laramie County Sheriff’s race is heating up quickly, and it’s still a year out from elections…

Don Hollingshead announced his bid for the position in July 2021. His page introduced him and his family. He and the department have patiently and professionally explained their position on how the jail has been managed during covid.

Three other candidates are former police chief Brian Kozak, James Barth, a law enforcement chaplain, and Patrick Long, an employee at the Laramie County Detention Center.

Typical of negative campaigns, they promise to ride in on their white horse and save us all, however with little explanation of how they plan on managing the department. Mr Kozak presumes to think he knows what I want in a sheriff and thinks he needs to speak for me…hmm

Of course Kozak and Long are focusing their dirt on the detention center, I suppose with the attempt to show Hollingshead’s inability to manage the facility. Neither seem interested in discussing the operations of the entire department.

I am sick and tired of dirty politicians!!! I am tired of men such as Kozak and Long, who demonstrate their contempt for providing excellent leadership in exchange for power hungry dirty ways and treat me, the voter as if I’m too stupid to make my own decisions.

Is Don Hollingshead perfect, not at all. However I want a man of integrity and honesty running the sheriff’s office. A man without a hidden agenda and who is not so power hungry as to sacrifice who he is for ego, power, and control…and finally who has a clear understanding of all aspects of the department. Don is my clear choice!!! Wahoo Don, gitter done!!!

April 18, 2022

"I appreciate how acive and caring you have been in service to Laramie County."

I have seen you in many critical areas while Captain with the SO (Sheriff's Office). I have seen you on the streets, at public events where there are large crowds, at the hospital where I was responding as a Victim’s Advocate. I appreciate how active and caring you have been in Service to Laramie County.

April 18, 2022

"My biggest takeaway was, you care."

Anytime I have the opportunity to explain what I got to experience doing a tour of the detention center with you while I was still in the DA office, I do because it is important for people to hear how much thought and concern I felt you put into the improvements in the facility and in the plans for the future. These improvements include structural and logistical improvements but also improvements to inmates access to services in custody including mental health services and treatment options (like meds) and a whole pod in the works for them to be housed more appropriately for their needs and safety.

My biggest takeaway was, you care.

Darci Lee Baker

June 9, 2022

"THIS guy knows, cares and is ALREADY moving forward, as the Captain. Imagine what he can accomplish as Sheriff!!"

Captain Hollingshead IS working to cover shifts for us! In my humble opinion, it is pretty amazing, and absolutely OPPOSITE of how our past administration ran, to have the captain and lieutenants running a housing unit, or getting their butts handed to them in booking right beside the deputies! I would have never thought I would hear, from the admin: “Hey, boss, I’m here for you; where do you need me?”

I am blown away. THIS is what helps with morale. Along with someone who actually goes to bat for us trying to get us paid. THIS guy knows, cares and is ALREADY moving forward, as the Captain. Imagine what he can accomplish as Sheriff!!

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